Business Office and Internal Resources

Business Office Annex

Business Office and Internal Resources

Our mission is to support the education, research and outreach efforts of the faculty of the University of Arizona Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory. In pursuit of this goal, our team endeavors to perform professionally, efficiently, timely and in a manner to support the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of our faculty. For additional information, see the links in the sidebar to the left and the list below of internal contacts.


Steward Observatory Annex
1540 E 2nd St
Tucson, AZ 85721

Main Phone Number
(520) 626-1920

Secure Fax Number
(520) 626-0103

Service(s) Contact
Air conditioning/heating, lighting, insects, vents etc. Gabe Coronado, or (520) 304-6880
Buell’s calendar, email lists, office space, furniture, white/chalk/cork boards Kelly Merrill, (520) 621-6082 or, or Josephine Tolsa Santillan, (520) 621-6524 or
Moving/traveling allowances
Computer purchases and Computing/IT support The Research Infrastructure Group (
Conference room scheduling
Content Development & Social Media Hannah Hindley,
Copier/Xerox Account Michelle Cournoyer, (520) 621-2289 or
DCC Status (Designated Campus Colleague) Katie Owles,
Department Logos

Cathi Duncan, (520) 621-1320 or

Download logos here

Filming at Telescope Sites Cathi Duncan, (520) 621-1320 or
Grants and Proposals Jennifer Pierson, (520) 621-1938 or
Graduate Program Advisor Dan Marrone, 520-621-5175 Room N314,
H1B Visa Katie Owles,
J1 Visa Katie Owles,
Human Resources/Benefits
Media Relations and News Cathi Duncan, (520) 621-1320 or, or Hannah Hindley,
Office-door name plates Josephine Tolsa Santillan (520) 621-6524
Office keys/keyless access Michelle Cournoyer, (520) 621-2289 or
Office Space & Furniture Kelly Merrill, (520) 621-6082 or
Office supplies Michelle Cournoyer, (520) 621-2289 or
Planning a Meeting/Workshop/Conference Cathi Duncan, (520) 621-1320 or
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Coordinators Erika Hamden, (520) 621-9524 or or Jared Males, (520) 485-9699 or
Undergraduate Program Coordinator Brenda Frye, (520) 626-1857 or
Reimbursements, travel and UA vehicle rentals
Website support Josephine Tolsa Santillan, (520) 621-6524 or or Hannah Hindley 520 621-2288 or


Telescope Facilities
Facility Office Contact Mountain
12m/Kitt Peak Patricia Orosz-Coghlan, (520) 621-5290 Michael Begam, (520) 318-8670
60-inch/Mt. Lemmon

Barbara Abril, (520) 621-7656

Steve Bland, (520) 621-7931
61-inch/Mt. Bigelow Barbara Abril, (520) 621-7656 Steve Bland, (520) 621-7931
90-inch/Kitt Peak Barbara Abril, (520) 621-7656 Paul Smith, (520) 621-2779
LBT/Mt. Graham Cindy Kontowicz, (520) 626-7971 Kara Hatch, (520) 626-1466
MMT/Mt. Hopkins Susan Wahl, (520) 621-1558 Observer Control Room, (520) 879-4547
SMT/Mt. Graham Patricia Orosz-Coghlan, (520) 621-5290 Bob Moulton, (520) 621-4328
VATT/Mt. Graham Paul Gabor, (520) 621-6043 Gary Gray, (520) 626-6365

Telescope Keys for all Arizona telescope sites

Michelle Cournoyer, (520) 621-2289 or

Barbara Abril, (520) 621-7656

Telescope Observing and Schedules

Paul Smith, (520) 621-2779

Dennis Zaritsky, (520) 621-6027 or

Eiichi Egami, (520) 621-3161 or

Eiichi Egami - Contact Eiichi to be added to the mailing list to reserve telescope proposal information and other observer-related messages

ARO Helpdesk

ARO Operations manager: Remo Tilanus

Business Office Personnel