Postdoctoral Research In Astronomy at the University of Arizona


For over a century, the students, post-docs, staff, and faculty of Steward Observatory and Department of Astronomy of the University of Arizona have been exploring the Universe together and sharing what we learn with the world. Most of us live and work in Tucson, on the beautiful campus of the University of Arizona, but we operate or support facilities on three continents and in space. We are an internationally recognized center for astronomical and astrophysical research. We create and use innovative methods of observing, modeling, and understanding our Universe. We are a large community (200 undergraduate majors, 60 graduate students, 30 post-docs, 70 faculty) of observational and theoretical researchers, working in almost every subfield of astronomy and astrophysics, including astrobiology, exoplanets, stars, galaxies, black holes and cosmology. We use every method we can and all the tools of multi-messenger astronomy, including light at all wavelengths and gravitational waves. The Department of Astronomy is part of the interdisciplinary Theoretical Astrophysics Program (TAP), which also includes the Departments of Physics and Planetary Sciences and the interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics Program. Scientists of the neighboring National Optical Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory are also participants in TAP. Our research is supported by the active development of cutting-edge astronomical instrumentation and facilities for ground- and space-based observatories. For a complete listing of our programs and facilities, please see these links: research areas, telescopes, research units.


Our exceptionally talented, diverse, and large community of post-doctoral researchers are a critical part of our research efforts. UArizona Postdocs (and graduate students) have the same access to our facilities (observatories, labs, high performance computing) as our faculty. They may lead (PI) proposals, not only for use of our facilities, but to funding agencies like NASA and NSF. Our department, and the university, have several programs designed to support you as a postdoc and enable you to achieve your goals. Below you will find information about postdoctoral research in astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Arizona.   

Buell T. Jannuzi
Head, Department of Astronomy &
Director, Steward Observatory